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Realistic Dust Hits using Trapcode Particular

An amazing tutorial by John Einselen where he shows how to create realistic dust hits using Trapcode Particular. It also covers an advanced depth-compositing techniqe utilizing Particular's Z-Buffer input.


Particular Smoke Tests

Just testing some smoke elements as sprites with Particular in AE - there are interesting possibilities here!

These were quick initial tests. Could be improved by keying the smoke in the pre-comp if it needs to be composited on top of something.

Thanks to Andrew Kramer for posting the smoke clips! Get them here.

Download the AEP


3D Set Extensions Tutorial by Andrew Kramer

Very inspiring and informative tutorial by Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot. It covers 3D camera tracking (using The Foundry's CameraTracker AE plug-in), matte painting, masking, color correction, sky replacement and uses Trapcode Particular for the fog/smoke. Highly recommended!




Volumetric fractal smoke - 2 approaches

Two little experiments to create pseudo-volumetric smoke objects in After Effects, one using Particular, the other using the built-in fractal noise plugin in AE and an awful lot of layers.

Both have their own unique look. The Fractal noise version took hours to render compared to the Particular version (which took about 30 mins). The project files are free to download and reuse under a Creative Commons license from the Digital Distortion website.

Particular version:

Fractal noise version:

There are issues with visual artifacts when you get closer in to the fractal noise version (you can see the individual layers, creating an ugly "scanline" effect), so hopefully someone else out there can improve the technique and share it!

Update: Based on feedback, I've done a new version of the Particular one, using a custom smoke comp generated using fractal noise. This gives kind of a hybrid look of the two approaches.

The project file is downloadable here.


Volumetric Smoke with Trapcode Particular

Particular Volumetric Smoke from Peder Norrby on Vimeo.

This was an attempt at creating a volumetric looking smoke effect. It was totally improvised so it shows how I experiment to get the settings right.

After rendering the final clip I noticed I had to change the Particle>Size over Life curve so the particles size faded out rather than just disappearing abruptly. I also setup Aux>Opacity over Life so the auxiliary particles faded out (using opacity). Tutorial:

Particular Volumetric Smoke Tutorial from Peder Norrby on Vimeo.

Download AE CS5 AEP