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Harry Frank's Trapcode Form Training

The great After Effects teacher Harry Frank has made this 8-part series on Trapcode Form.


Integrating Trapcode Particular and Element 3D / Cinema 4D using Z-buffer

Harry Franks shows a way to get Trapcode Particular and Element 3D or Cinema 4D to integrate niceley using a Z-Buffer. This is a type of depth-compositing technique and the aim is to achieve automatic obscuration so particles can pass both in front and behind a 3D object – a kind of unified 3D space between the softwares.


TEMPO - info and tutorials

Watch the short film TEMPO

Here we'll collect tutorials and other information on TEMPO.

First up is a tutorial on creating beautiful fire using Trapcode Particular and some stock footage:

Next is a tutorial on the 3D bee swarm:

More stuff will be added to this page as it is published.


Getting Started with Trapcode Particular

An awesome five-part series of tutorials on Trapcode Particular. These are geared towards the new users, but is a great watch also for the experienced.



Trapcode Mir Training

The first part covers how to create the geometry:

The second part is on setting up the shading:

To download, click the Vimeo logo in the clip and select download from the Vimeo page.

Here is a tutorial from Dino Muhic on how to get some Depth of Field:

Here is a tutorial from Aharon Rabinowiz on seamless bending:

Here is another from Aharon on using the Fractal Amplitude Layer:

Also check out MIR landscapes.