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TEMPO - info and tutorials

Watch the short film TEMPO

Here we'll collect tutorials and other information on TEMPO.

First up is a tutorial on creating beautiful fire using Trapcode Particular and some stock footage:

Next is a tutorial on the 3D bee swarm:

More stuff will be added to this page as it is published.


Getting Started with Trapcode Particular

An awesome five-part series of tutorials on Trapcode Particular. These are geared towards the new users, but is a great watch also for the experienced.



Trapcode Mir Training

The first part covers how to create the geometry:

The second part is on setting up the shading:

To download, click the Vimeo logo in the clip and select download from the Vimeo page.

Here is a tutorial from Dino Muhic on how to get some Depth of Field:

Here is a tutorial from Aharon Rabinowiz on seamless bending:

Here is another from Aharon on using the Fractal Amplitude Layer:

Also check out MIR landscapes.




Inside the Nebulae – tutorial and AE project

An imagination of flying in the gas clouds of space. Actual images of nebulas taken with the Hubble space telescope were combined in After Effects with CG gas clouds and stars made using Trapcode Form and Starglow.


Download AE CS5 project file


3D Set Extensions Tutorial by Andrew Kramer

Very inspiring and informative tutorial by Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot. It covers 3D camera tracking (using The Foundry's CameraTracker AE plug-in), matte painting, masking, color correction, sky replacement and uses Trapcode Particular for the fog/smoke. Highly recommended!