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Procedural audio reactive animation

I did some tests with letting Sound Keys control Mir that came out pretty cool.

Download AE CS6 AEP: AudioMir.aep

Download AE CS5.5 AEP: AudioMir_CS55.aep

Procedural audio reactive animation.
Quick test using Trapcode Sound Keys controlling Mir to generate visuals from audio.

In this case, three expressions are used on Mir:
Rotate Y = time*20;
Amplitude = 200+thisComp.layer("SK").effect("Sound Keys")("Output 1");
Frequency = 200+thisComp.layer("SK").effect("Sound Keys")("Output 3");

Where SK is the sound keys layer and Output one is setup to capture bass and Output 3 is setup to capture the high frequencies. An invert effect was manually inserted.

Music: "Fortress" by -ono- (


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