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Amazing "Trapcode Paint" preset from Claude Autret

Download AE project file from here.

Note: I had to disable the Lens Flare layer on my computer since it didn't have the plug-in for that. Otherwise it'd just render grey.

It's a beautiful effect! And the project is neatly setup and renders quickly.



tests with new fractal types in beta 3 (AEP included)

This is the "Bubbley HiComplex" comp that uses the Multi SmoothRidge type. Here used with the Seamless Looping functionality to create this ever-looping GIF.

"Oil Flow" - same as above but with specular and almost no diffuse. 

Here is the SmoothRidge fractal type lit with a few lights and Material properties setup so there is almost no diffuse and lots of specular. Lux also used here to visualize the lightsources.

Also included is another test with the technique from the Mir Thing tutorial.

If you want to check them out here is the AE project (CS6): mir_beta3_stuff.aep

You'll need Mir v2 beta 3 to render correctly.

There's a couple more comps in there too. Let me know what you think in the comments!


Photorealistic snow with Particular

Fantastic results in this tutorial on creating snow with After Effects and Trapcode Particular. 


Mir Thing Tutorial

Here's the final clip we'll be re-creating:

Tutorial on creating the above:

Using Trapcode Mir v1
For finishing touches also uses Trapcode Shine and Form.

Covers setting up the "spikey" shape using an amplitude map for the fractal. Also shows the "finishing"; creating the background, light-rays, shadows, glow, atmospheric particles etc.



Vine Growth with Particles Tutorial by School of Motion

Excellent tutorial by School of Motion. Covers a lot of useful techniques.