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Trapcode Mir Public Beta

Users that own Trapcode Mir 1.0 can download the latest beta for Mir v2 below.
Use the Beta Forum for feedback. Follow @rymden for updates.

WARNING! This is beta software. It may crash your computer. You may not be able to load a project saved with a beta version in a later beta or in the release version. Take care if using in production; render out and treat the render like it is footage from then on - you cannot be sure a later version will be able to load the project correctly.

Mir v2 new features DONE BETA 3

  • New Fractal Types (Regular, Multi, SmoothRidge, Multi SmoothRidge) overview
  • Anisotropic Texture Sampling. Useful for fine-detail textures.
  • Solid Face Texture Filter. Each face gets one solid color from the texture. example
  • VRAM measurements fixed both Mac and Win
  • Fractal > Smoothen Normals. Useful for problems with flickering normals.

Mir v2 new features DONE BETA 2 

  • Improved VRAM check on Mac (reported negative sometimes earlier)
  • Added VRAM amount to the "About" screen
  • Added seamless looping of fractal noise: (instructions)

Mir v2 new features DONE BETA 1 

  • Optimized rendering - up to 3x faster
  • Z Range controls (found in Fractal group) for example to create plateau in landscape, also good to move fractal to "up"-only so amp map only goes "up":

  • Second Pass Wireframe. This is drawn with proper obscuration:

  • Quads. Found under Geometry>Tesselation. Uses quads instead of triangles. 
  • Memory managment. New pop-up where VRAM can be manually set or memory check turned off completely. Useful with high end cards with >2GB VRAM since Mir's autodection only works with <2GB.



All these may not get done for the release! But here is the TODO list:

  • SSAO Smoothing
  • Reflection map
  • Specular map
  • Render output: normals, depth, ??
  • Specular Metal setting (currently always 100% metal)
  • Grid modifications (compress one side etc)
  • DOF
  • Motion Blur
  • OBJ import - this will probably not make it into Mir as many things are specific to having just a thin sheet of polygons vs an OBJ. This would probably be best as a separate plug-in.
  • Support for spotlights and directional lights
  • Export OBJ
  • Normal map
  • Opacity for Second Pass
  • Visualization of Z Range limits, for example planes at Min and Max
  • Mirror Reflection (render true reflection, like on water surface, mirror etc)
  • Decuple Fractal field in Repeater (as an option, so each instance is unique)
  • "Unify" rendering between multiple Mir instances so they intersect each other
  • Second Pass use alpha from texture

It's a good idea to post your requests and +1 on existing requests in the Beta Forum! So I can keep track of what is popular and add to this list.


  • No known bugs at the moment. Please report if you find one.




This is a zip file with the plug-in itself, there is no installer. If you feel unsure about the steps below, please don't touch anything and just wait for the proper release.

Installing the Mir v2 Beta:

  1. Create a new folder on the Desktop named "Mir 1.0 Backup" (to keep a copy of your old, well-functioning Mir 1.0)
  2. Drag the current Mir out of the plug-ins folder into the new Mir 1.0 Backup folder. To locate the plug-ins folder where Mir is installed you can search for "Mir_64.aex" on windows and "Mir-64.plugin" on Mac OSX. Sometimes this is directly under the After Effects app and sometimes there is a "MediaCore" folder.
  3. Unzip the file and place in the plug-ins folder.
  4. Restart Adobe After Effects

If AE displays a warning on startup saying there are multiple copies of Mir, then you have somehow failed to move the Mir 1.0 plugin out from the plug-ins folder. Try again! It needs to be out of reach for AE's plug-in scan, that is why putting it in a folder on the Desktop is a good idea.

Providing feedback

Use the Beta Forum to provide feedback. When reporting a problem, please include:

  • OS
  • GPU
  • AE version
  • Upload the .AEP that shows the problem! Use the "Upload" feature in the bottom of the right column here on the site (must be logged in to see it)


(AE project file for image above: Download