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ASCENSION by Chris Lavelle

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Breathtaking piece by Chris Lavelle. It has many parts with totally different looks and feelings. Uses Trapcode Sound Keys to drive Trapcode Particular. The integration between Particular v2's new shading and Lux is shown well.

UPDATE: Chris Lavelle interview regarding this piece on Directors Notes


the stars are projectors by rpgamer2003

Wonderful abstract piece by rpgamer2003 (Marcus Eckert) using Trapcode Particular. View on Vimeo

UPDATE: get the AE project file from Marcus site.

Music from musopen.com

I don't know if there is a relation, but it is similar to another amazing piece from the gallery: Peter Menich's "Fast Fourier Transform".




Amateur by Alvaro Posadas

Lovely abstract piece by Alvaro Posadas. Trapcode Particular v2 was used.
music: Black To Comm 'Amateur' Alphabet 1968 2009 

Here is another by Alvaro:

And one more: 

Music: Amon Tobin 'Big furry head'

I'm not sure how Alvaro makes these animations. My best guess is he is using expressions to guide the Emitter and he uses the Aux system.



P2 Street Tests by Najork

Testing out Trapcode Particular 2, ON THE STREET!
Sound design by skeletonsuit.com
Shot with a little Canon SD960.
Tracked with PFHoe Pro pfhoe.com

[View on Vimeo]


SPIRE / Corporate Identity Launch Video by KU-SCHNEIDER 

KU Schneider notes "This is a video for the launch of a new identity for the danish communication design company Aakjærs. The idea for the video was to communicate the core values of the new identity in an abstract, subtle and visually beautiful way".

Trapcode Particular v2 and Trapcode Lux were used.

Music: ©2009 Michael Kadelbach michaelkadelbach.com