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Jean-Marie Marbach for La Casa Azul

Really stunning work in this music video for La Casa Azul by Jean-Marie Marbach.

Jean-Marie notes: "I've recently directed a music video for indie Spanish band La Casa Azul (Elefant Records), in which Particular and Form were used for various VFX shots :

Stars, 3D Nebulae and weird space energy ribbons were done with both Particular and Form.
Particles emitted from the characters' hands were done with Particular (I would have loved to try the new motion vector input for this scene, but the shots were already completed when V 2.2 was released).
The flock of birds in the sky was done with particular, with footage of real stabilized birds as custom particles.
The android's transformation was done with Particular, and the footage as a layer emitter, so that the particles could inherit all of the girl's different colors.
The trail behind the crystal ball was done with Particular. Several layers were generated : The main visible particles, and more geometric particle trails used as displacement map, in order to get a more organic look.
Finally, the Earth shot was done with Form. The base Form was set to "Sphere - Layered" in order to get a real 3D Earth. 12 different layers of particles (main land, shore lights, cities, etc…) were generated using 16K Earth maps as layer maps. Additional layers of clouds were added with Particular.
Full video:


EXODUS - Trailer

Trailer for the short film EXODUS premiering in January 2013

Made by Magnus Östergren / POTEMKIN

Commissioned by Trapcode



In this Red Giant short film, from the creators of Plot Device, a scientist must prevent a new, powerful technology from falling into the wrong hands.

VFX Breakdowns:

Made using Trapcode Suite 12 etc. Check tutorials on TEMPO.

Work in progress: EXODUS by POTEMKIN

Trapcode has commissioned an animated short film to director/designer Magnus Östergren at Potemkin: The film is to be based on the Trapcode Mir plug-in. This new plug-in provides the artist with a polygon mesh that can be displaced with a fractal and shaded in a number of different ways. The plug-in tries to encourage playing and has a very open-ended functionality, no specific problem was set out to be solved, but rather new problems and solutions are thought to be conceived with it.

Östergren says "The film is set in space in an alternate universe. Logic and photorealism are low priority but cool scenery and glows rule supreme". Magnus, who also creates the soundtrack for the film, continues "I like the concept of 'art by accident', just letting stuff evolve, like in my music production. In Trapcode Mir I found a great tool for this method."

The film has the look of low-poly/abstract with sci-fi/fantasy elements and is set to premiere in January 2013 on the Trapcode website:


Particular 2.2 released (free update)

Eight new features including motion vector support (at particle birth time), Lights Unique Seeds and Particle Amount slider. Part of Trapcode Suite 12.1. Read more and get the download here.

Check Particle Man - using Twixtor Pro motion vectors in Particular 2.2

Awesome new five-part training Getting Started with Trapcode Particular by Harry Frank.