Trapcode Suite 13 and Trapcode Tao released!

Trapcode Suite 13 including Trapcode Tao (also sold seperatley) is now available!

New stuff includes:

- Tao - completely new product - see tutorials
- Particular 2.5 with Effects Builder
- Shine 2.0
- Mir 2.0
- Sound Keys 1.3 (some new functions) 

Check it out:




ZERO-DAY by beeple

ZERO-DAY from beeple on Vimeo.

An awesome, high-paced, loud, techno/machine/robot animation by beeple (Mike Winkelman) with a warning message about cyber-warfare.

I specially love how the music drives the animation and the amazing finish on both animation and render.

Winkelman notes: "Trapcode Form worked great in the middle part to make the screens all glitchy as well as some ambient dust throughout."

directed by: beeple
video: beeple
audio: standingwave


download the entire Cinema4D / SFX project files:

more creative commons:
daily artwork: |




Trapcode Tao (alternativley: Dao/Michi/้“) is a new plug-in I'm writing now. I've been longing for this ever since I made 3D Stroke. After developing Mir, I finally have everything in place. ้“ means "path" in Chinese and Japanese. It has to do with paths. 

Here are some more renders and a sketch I made when figuring out the triangles, normals and winding orders etc:



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Trapcode Suite refreshed for AE CC 2015

Trapcode Suite has been updated for CC 2015. One problem remains with Sound Keys - it cannot generate new keyframes when run in AE CC 2015. Your old project will load and work fine, it is just new generation that doesn't work. This issue will require a fix from Adobe, they are aware and on it.

Because of this issue we recommend that you keep CC 2014 side by side. The CC 2015 installer by defualt removes any previous installations, so read this before you install CC 2015.

More info and how to get the updates.


Tove Styrke music video by Slobodan Zivic

The super cool and talented Swedish artist Tove Styrke has a music video for the awesome track "Even If I'm Loud It Doesn't Mean I'm Talking to You" directed by Slobodan Zivic that uses Trapcode Mir to create beautiful geometric patterns. Also, check out the sweet 303 that solos at 2:10 -- just lovely.

Director: Slobodan Zivic

Written by Tove Styrke & Calle Ask
Produced by Calle Ask
Additional Production by Johan T Karlsson
Published by Sony ATV Music Publishing Scandinavia AB

Video by Studio Slobodan
DOP: Daniel Takacs
Editor: Artur Wolgers
Graphic Designer & Animatior: Slobodan Zivic & Tobias Petersson
Choreographer: Linnéa Sundling

Also the lyric video has some great, perhaps even more interesting Trapcode Mir work: