Mandelbulb VR

Amazing to be able to experience the mandelbulb! The video in no way shows how it feels to experience it in VR with stereo 3D and positional tracking. It's mesmerizing. 

Download the app (win64/oculus): Mandelbulb_VR

Adapted from Raja Bala:
by Peder Norrby, Trapcode

Made with Unity 3D engine

Runs OK on nVidia GTX 780 - ca 40 fps which technically is too low
The max number of iterations can be lowered for faster rendering.
lowering the max ray march steps also speeds up rendering.

Starts straight into VR mode. 
Esc to Quit
Spacebar to toggle automatic animation (rotation of theta)
Arrow keys to move camera in/out and right/left
Q - increase Exponent (8 is the default and the regular Mandelbulb)
W - decrease Exponent
A - increase max iterations (better quality, slower)
S - decrease max iterations
Z - increase ray march steps (better quality, slower)
X - decrease ray march steps
Tested only on nVidia GTX 780 and Oculus Rift DK2
Oculus was setup with oculus_runtime_sdk_0.8.0.0_win
If Show Demo Scene in Oculus Configuration Utility works, this should work



TAO Soap Bubble Tutorial

Tutorial on creating a 6-second seamless looping soap-bubble-like noise sphere

Final Movie Result:



Download AE project file that contains the soap fresnel texture: TAO_SoapBubble_CS6.aep


TAO Logo Reveal Tutorial

A simple technique to reveal a logo or text with Trapcode Tao using Paths from Masks, Offset and moving the camera

End result:




TAO pack - AE project examples

Pack with 13 AE projects made by Peder Norrby during development of Trapcode Tao, cleaned up (a bit!) and saved for CS6 (requires AE CS6 or later and Trapcode Tao) 



TAO Loopy thing pink project file

Download project file (requires Trapcode Tao and AECS6 or later):