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Rymden // Ode to Kymatica


I tried to envision the music as colors and moving shapes. I use Trapcode Sound Keys and Trapcode Form in Adobe After Effects.

Music by Kymatica

Continuation of


Website feedback, please!

I'm quite happy with the new site, but I have some doubt regarding the "ShareLog"
area. It is actually an extra blog where any member can contribute
content to the site.

What makes me doubt are two things:

1. It is confusing to have two blogs. Every post gets separated into
"Blog" or "ShareLog". The search functionality spans both, but for
example a tag lookup can only be made into one of them (at a time).

2. The idea of ShareLog was that users can contribute content, kindof
like the old "trapcode-people" site. But now Red Giant is launching
"Red Giant People" that looks pretty sleek and has this functionality
(and then some). So I'm not sure if the ShareLog will be needed.

What do you guys think? Any comments on the ShareLog and all other
aspects of the site are welcome!


nebula by versa

A beautiful nebula in space using Trapcode Particular.

UPDATE: check this tutorial: 


Darkness Visible

Emotions of the massive, unstoppable, pitch-black darkness.
Crank up the volume and fullscreen it, please.

3D done in Cinema 4D. I added light-effects in AE using Trapcode Sound Keys.
The sound is the intro from: Shpongle - Shpongle Falls

This work is a continuation of Abstract Cubism:


Rymden vs Kymatica

Audio-driven animation. No keyframes. I tried to visualize, with minimal complexity, how I perceive the music. Trapcode Sound Keys and Form used in After Effects.

Music by Kymatica / Jonatan Liljedahl