SPIRE / Corporate Identity Launch Video by KU-SCHNEIDER 

KU Schneider notes "This is a video for the launch of a new identity for the danish communication design company Aakjærs. The idea for the video was to communicate the core values of the new identity in an abstract, subtle and visually beautiful way".

Trapcode Particular v2 and Trapcode Lux were used.

Music: ©2009 Michael Kadelbach 



Audio-driven animation. Trapcode Particular 1.0 was used (yes, that was the initial version, this clip was made about two years ago). Awesome in its simplicity.

The song is "Light Rain" by Plaid ©2001 Warp Records Limited.


Trapcode ProLoop 1.1 now available

- MP3-files now work properly (bug reported by Ann-Louise Liljedahl)
- Fixed occasional crash when opening the soundfiles list (bug reported by Mark French)
- The 'none' button in the soundfiles list now work

New Features
- Show the name of the soundfile next to each loop
- Bulk upload of samples, if you upload a ZIP archive it will automatically be unpacked to your custom Loops
- Color-group soundfiles by their first 3 characters
- Updated users guide

ProLoop info


Marsheaux "Summer" by H. Martis

View on Vimeo

Awesome flying manta rays, jellyfish, skyscrapers, 3D fractals, beautiful lights, flares and particles - what more can you ask for? And the music is kicking as well. Such an amazing music video!

H. Martis notes: "There's a lot of Particular running on almost every single scene - working amazingly well with tracked cameras. And a lot of Trapcode Lux volumetrics linked to the 3d-tracked lights - again, almost in every scene." 

Company: BeetRoot Design Group ( -
Content Producer: H. Martis ( - myspace/doservice/)
Music: Summer by Marsheaux



Introducing: Jonatan Liljedahl

Jonatan Liljedahl (Kymatica) has been working for Trapcode since fall 2009 developing ProLoop - a novel audio loop player for iPhone / iPod Touch. Jonatan is a music composer and a music software coder - see more info on his earlier work on his site.

As you may know, Trapcode has until now been pretty much a one-man company. I have hired consultants now and then, but I've never actually hired a person to create a full application before.

I think it is pretty amazing what he has done. The app is beautiful, makes beautiful audio and features a lot of new thinking - perfectly in line with the other Trapcode tools. Now that Apple have revealed their plans for iPad it gets more clear for everyone to see how these new devices will change our concept of the computer and - even more interesting for Trapcode - our concept of software.

I'm very happy and proud to welcome Jonatan to Trapcode!

Peder Norrby / Trapcode