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I'm currently working on getting all content over from the old Trapcode site, but it turned out the be much more than I remembered! :-) I'm also trying to nail down the structure and design of this site, I think I'm almost there now. As always, I'm looking for cool clips to put in the gallery, and I have added some new ones and moved some from the old site over. There is still lots of stuff to move and it will take some time until it is finished.

If you have any feedback or ideas they are always welcome, use the comment field below.


Amateur by Alvaro Posadas

Lovely abstract piece by Alvaro Posadas. Trapcode Particular v2 was used.
music: Black To Comm 'Amateur' Alphabet 1968 2009 

Here is another by Alvaro:

And one more: 

Music: Amon Tobin 'Big furry head'

I'm not sure how Alvaro makes these animations. My best guess is he is using expressions to guide the Emitter and he uses the Aux system.



P2 Street Tests by Najork

Testing out Trapcode Particular 2, ON THE STREET!
Sound design by
Shot with a little Canon SD960.
Tracked with PFHoe Pro

[View on Vimeo]


M83 "We Own The Sky" by Dan Norton

Video for M83's music video contest. Particle animation all done in Trapcode Form.

Directed by David Altobelli
Motion Design by Dan Norton
Additional VFX by Matt Divito


Fire Flower by Pierre Michel

Uses Trapcode Particular.

"Pierre Michel’s latest film , “Fire Flower,” is an abstract vision of sensuality with hints of alchemical mysticism. Like Pierre’s other films, this project derives its power from an intense focus on texture and color backed by a dramatic soundtrack." (motionographer)

Director: Pierre MICHEL
Visual effects: Pierre MICHEL - MIKROS IMAGE
Prod: Melba
Copyright: Pierre Michel - SCAM 2008040051

making of: